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When I decided to take a nontraditional route with my sons’ education, I was overwhelmed. Liz gave me the confidence to successfully form my child’s learning plan, knowing that I had consulted with a qualified and experienced educator.

- Katie, Oregon mom with four kids ages 2-9

The biggest thing I've taken away from Liz's approach is that when there is a child with special needs, special interests and challenges she sees that as a gift! Guaranteed that whenever I talk about homeschooling I recommend Liz!

- Eleanor, California mom with three kids ages 8-11

I've known Liz for over a decade and have worked with her closely on the executive team of an online education company with 7 figures in annual sales. Liz is a woman of the utmost integrity, tremendous energy, and boundless creativity. 

- Gary, Cedar City, UT

With the help of Alcott, I am excited to homeschool my kids! I've been reluctant to homeschool because I didn't feel prepared or like an adequate teacher. Alcott has empowered me to let go of those worries and move forward with a homeschool plan that will be best for our family.

- Bethany, Utah mom of 4 year-old twins

"The Four Essentials for Giving Your Child an Excellent Education."

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