• Give Your Child an Excellent Homebased Education


Give Your Child an Excellent Homebased Education

It Changed My Entire Approach

"I've been homeschooling our four kids for five years. Once I started to understand even the basics of Alcott's development-based framework, it changed my entire approach."

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Qualified & Experienced

"When I decided to take a nontraditional route with my sons’ education, I was overwhelmed. Liz gave me the confidence to successfully form my child’s learning plan, knowing that I had consulted with a qualified and experienced educator."

- Katie

I Can't Get Enough

"I basically can't get enough of what Liz has to teach us about approaching education. She has so much knowledge and experience that I highly value."


I Feel Empowered

"With the help of Alcott, I am excited to homeschool my kids! I've been reluctant to homeschool because I didn't feel prepared or like an adequate teacher. Alcott has empowered me to let go of those worries and move forward with a homeschool plan that will be best for our family."

- Bethany

Made All The Difference

"There are plenty of excellent curriculum resources out there to guide you in what to teach your kids, but the framework that Alcott provides in HOW to teach your kids has made all the difference for me."

Alcott Parent

7 Reasons Homebased Education Can Work For You

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What's Your Child's Phase of Learning?


5 Tips for Teaching Multiple Ages

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What Are The Phases of Learning?

The New Homebased Educator Program

Not happy with schools? This is your next step...

Don't like what's happening in schools today, but aren't sure you can manage your child's education on your own? Does your homeschool need to be upgraded or overhauled? This live year-long course is for you! Learn about the program here.