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Other than your child, you are the most important person in your child's education. Don't waste time treating symptoms, instead get to the root of education challenges. Our team of highly successful out-of-the-box professional educators will show you the roadmap or a way to think about education that will help your family thrive!

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When I decided to take a nontraditional route with my sons’ education, I was overwhelmed. Liz gave me the confidence to successfully form my child’s learning plan, knowing that I had consulted with a qualified and experienced educator.

- Katie, Oregon mom with four kids ages 2-9

I've known Liz for over a decade and have worked with her closely on the executive team of an online education company with 7 figures in annual sales. Liz is a woman of the utmost integrity, tremendous energy, and boundless creativity. 

- Gary, Cedar City, UT

With the help of Alcott, I am excited to homeschool my kids! I've been reluctant to homeschool because I didn't feel prepared or like an adequate teacher. Alcott has empowered me to let go of those worries and move forward with a homeschool plan that will be best for our family.

- Bethany, Utah mom of 4 year-old twins

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