What are The Phases of Learning

The Phases of Learning were developed by Oliver DeMille. He integrated the work of great educators such as Montessori, Piaget, Maslow, Mason, Plato, Bloom, and others into a single model based on their common threads and separate strengths. There are 6 phases in this model: 

Phase Ages Characteristics
 Core  0-7 play, family work & routines, stories, values 
 Love of Learning 8-12 discovery, exploration, sampling, projects, transition to scholarly learning
 Scholar  13-16 meaningful challenges, rigorous study, excellent books & groups
 Depth  17-23 real world adventures, presenting talents for feedback, ongoing education, accountability
 Mission/Purpose  Adulthood creating a loving home & value in the world, engaging in personal adventure
 Impact  Later life personal renaissance, generational mentorship

Note: While Oliver DeMille offers other recommended works, such as "TJEd", we at Alcott are exclusively focused on The Phases of Learning model for parents and educators. 

What does "homebased education" mean? 

We love the term "homebased education" - it seems to be more helpful and accurate when describing how much "homeschool" families approach education these days! Homeschooling exclusively is an excellent approach, but we are blessed with an abundance of great options in modern times! Most homeschooling families are bringing in LOTS of different high quality resources and are engaged in the world for a well-rounded experience. 

Homebased education is really about owning the educational stewardship for our families. It's about bringing in the right resources at the right time. It's about being focused on little humans rather than a system or approach. Over the course of a child's educational journey, that likely look like a combination of great schools or education programs, homeschooling, and supplementing. 

What does Alcott sell? 

At Alcott Learning, we offer online courses and coaching that empowers parents to bring the very best in education into their homes. 

We've found that many parents are missing vital information needed for success in homebased education such as key mindsets, guidance around systems and setup, and most importantly, an understanding of the developmental phases of learning. Families  when they understand the goals for each phase, how kids learn, and the environments that are best for learning. 

Does Alcott sell curriculum? 

No. While choosing high quality curriculum is important, parents often spin in questions and spend valuable education funds looking for answers that will not be answered by buying new curriculum or resources. Understanding the phases, means a better connect with children AND spending less money and time on resources that won't fix the problem. 

Which course should I purchase first? 

Based on parent feedback, here is what we recommend: 

 New to homeschool
  • How to Launch Your Homeschool in a Week + Phases Course (Choose course by child's age.)  
 Uplevel your homebased       education
  • Subscription: Alcott Weekly Delivery
  • Phases courses 
  • Learning Styles Basics 
  • Math That's Less Miserable (Maybe Even Fun!)
  • Coaching session 
 Not homeschooling
  • Phases Course (Choose course by child's age.) 
  • Coaching session        
 Specific or unique issues 
  • Let's talk! Sign up for a coaching session
  • Subscription: Alcott Weekly Delivery


What is the weekly subscription? 

Our weekly subscription is an incredible deal! For $4.99 a month, you will receive a weekly email that contains a printable, 7 min mini-course, long form interview or group coaching session. Coaching is offered once a month on a first come, first serve basis. As a member, you may participate in coaching anytime you need it!  

How do I set up a 1:1 coaching session? 

Start by visiting our Shop page and selecting the product, "1:1 Coaching with Liz Kirk." On the left-hand side of the page you'll have an option to "Select Time". Click there and choose an available date and time from the calendar provided. After doing so, click to "Add to Cart" and purchase your session. You'll be sent a confirmation email with the details of when and how to join the session with Liz Kirk.

Do you do speaking events? 

Yes! We speak at conferences and for private groups, including groups of parents, on Zoom or in person. Send us an email for more details, Help@AlcottLearning.com.

Course Access Questions

How long do I have to access the courses I purchase? 

Similar to purchasing a movie or book online, barring any significant changes to the technology or the company, you have lifetime access to your content.

I can't login to my course. What should I do? 

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If you continue to have trouble, please email Alcott at Help@AlcottLearning.com and we will manually reset your username and password. 

I'm having trouble viewing course videos or playing audio files. What should I do? 

This is often caused by an internet browser problem on your computer. Here are some basic browser troubleshooting steps that are a great starting point to help resolve the issue.

  1. Clear cache and restart the browser. Also check if you’re using the newest version of the browser

  2. Try a different browser (we like Google Chrome)

  3. Try an Incognito / Private Window (this will rule out an issue with browser extensions).

  4. Restart the device (it's a cliche but it works!)

  5. If possible, try a different device!

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Can I get a refund of my product purchase? 

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please email us at Help@AlcottLearning.com.  

How can I get further help or offer a suggestion?

Contact us anytime! Email Help@AlcottLearning.com.