The Alcott Learning Educational Philosophy

Early on in my career as a professional educator, I found myself (and many parents) wishing for a clearer picture of the essentials of excellent education. I treasured the educational principles shared by theorists like Maslow, Piaget, Vygotsky, Bloom, Montessori, Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, and E.D. Hirsch; approaches such as classical education and self-directed learning; data from top education sources; and the principles embodied in the lives of heroes such as Gandhi, Mother Teresa, the Founders, Martin Luther King Jr., and others, but I lacked an overarching structure for application. I wondered how all of these principles fit together. I felt a strong need to reduce the complexity in the world of education and see a clear, big picture. 

A few years into my career, I found the "Phases of Learning" created by Oliver DeMille. DeMille brilliantly aligns these principles with the correct windows of human development resulting in a transformational experience for students. I finally had an understanding of the big developmental picture and how to apply the right theories at the right time.

In my 20+ years as a professional educator, I have found no educational tool more powerful. At Alcott, we have built upon DeMille's work and offer a simple and natural “Transformational Education Roadmap” to walk parents and educators through the phases. The roadmap helps to ensure that students are able to receive the right educational opportunities at the right time. Check out our courses to learn all about it!