Why the Name "Alcott?"

Our name is inspired by trips taken to Concord, Massachusetts and visits to the Alcott family home, where Louisa May Alcott was raised. In such a beautiful and historical setting, the Alcott parents worked to give their children the very best educational experiences possible through family values, great ideas, real-life experiences, and a love of learning. We can see in the lives of their children, particularly Louisa May Alcott and her distinguished writing, the fruits of transformational education. 

These principles can be found in the homes of many beloved and inspiring families like the Martin Luther King Jr. family, the Jane Austen family, and many other families. No family is perfect, and fame is certainly not the measure of success, but we wanted to honor a family culture of growth, leadership, service, and love in our name. 

For us, Alcott represents any family that takes education into their own hands and creates a liberated and beautiful path of education for their children to thrive. We see you deliberately choosing to provide this for your family too, and we are honored to help guide you along your journey!