Math That's Less Miserable (Maybe Even Fun!)

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Are you and your kids struggling with Math in school or at home? Knowing how to approach the subject effectively solves one of the biggest headaches in education!
Solve that headache for good by taking this course. 
Takeaways from this course:
  • Thousands of hours saved. (We're serious!) 
  • Freedom from re-learning all the math you learned in school to help your kids.
  • Clear direction on how to make math less boring and more meaningful for your child, including guidance on how to help Math wiz kids excel. 
  • Tons of resources for teaching math in engaging ways and printable quick sheets on teaching math according to your child's learning phase.
Prerequisite: None
Length:  1.5 hrs of online content 
Price: $25
Note: This course does NOT include math curriculum. This is a parent education course. 
Instructor: Liz Kirk, Founder & CEO of Alcott Learning, Homebased Education Coach & Education Professional with 20+ years of experience  
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