Private Coaching Session

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You want to give your children an excellent education, but education can be overwhelming! Every family and every child is unique. This is the private 1:1 coaching option. For the group coaching program, go here.

The process of homebased education comes with challenges in each stage. Wouldn't you like to have expert advice on the right approach to your family's needs? There's no need to take years to learn the mindsets and best practices you need right now! 

In Alcott's Private Coaching with Liz, you'll: 

  • have the security that your child's education is informed by an expert and best practices 
  • dive right into pressing questions and concerns in sessions
  • troubleshoot together on any family or education question or concern
  • gain the confidence to transform your family's education experience
  • Liz meets you exactly where you are - no prior knowledge needed. 

Once purchased, please download the PDF instructions listed on your purchase confirmation page. This will tell you how to schedule your session. Look forward to meeting with you soon!

Questions about this program? Email Liz directly at